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This brand new fairy garden kit is packed full of goodies to make a fairy garden at home. Ideal for creative play and are fantastic indoors or outdoors, This is sure to keep kids happily playing for hours! Each kit comes attractively packaged with full instructions on the back, real plants can be added but are not included. Each kit includes the following, although some items may differ ever so slightly.

  • Resin Fairy
  • Fairies welcome wooden sign
  • Glittery tree
  • Resin bird house
  • Colured gravel to create fairy pathways
  • Fairy wishing log
  • Bark star
  • 2x toadstools
  • 2 x wooden critters
  • Matchstick fencing
  • Moss
  • Coloured reindeer moss
  • Coloured sisal

small fairy garden kit
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€ 25.95 € 28.00
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