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Our fairy story.

As a little girl I loved art and making things,  and was entranced by stories of fairies and often went hunting for them at the bottom of my garden.When I grew up I trained at college in Northampton, England in textiles and mixed media studies, my wandering urges then took me around Europe working as a musician.
The idea for my very first fairy doll came to me in 2001 when I made a christmas fairy for my Mother's  tree, from there friends and family asked me to to make them one too. After moving to Galway in 2002 and meeting my husband we decided to start up the bussiness Away with the fairies. The fairies sold (and still do ) like hot cakes on Galways lovely saturday market, and from there we expanded the wholesale side of the business selling to lots of great shops all around Ireland. We also started attending lots of craft fairs and events all around the country meeting all you fairy lovers out there.
We now have a lovely fairy workshop in the woods of East Galway where our little fairies are born, outside the workshop is a fairy garden complete with wishing well and fairy hearth to tempt more fairies to the locality.
Invite some fairy magic into your life too with an' Away with the fairies' fairy....

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