Fairy Garden Accessories

Fairy Garden Accessories from Ireland. A wonderful range of Fairy Trail supplies including furniture, signs, paths, wishing wells, and fairy figurines to add a little extra wow to your projects. All of our Fairy Gardening Products are very durable and suitable for outdoor use and will even withstand the Irish weather!  

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What is a Fairy Garden?

What is a Fairy Garden?

A Solar House and a collection of accessories put together into a kit A Fairy Garden is a miniature garden created in a container or a dedicated area in your garden, designed to be a welcoming space for the fairy folk. You may have heard about the Fairy Gardening, a...

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What Plants to use in a Fairy Garden?

What Plants to use in a Fairy Garden?

The best plants for a fairy garden are fairy-sized, so think miniature alpines, mosses and flowers. Fairy Gardening is such a fun hobby and one you can enjoy with kids too, but it's really important to select the right plants when starting off. Too big and they'll...

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Accessorise your Fairy Garden!

In this short video, I show you some of the myriad of different Fairy Garden accessories we have on the website. including pathways, bridges, arches, wishing wells, and signs. All suitable for outside.

Whats Fairy Gardening about then?

In this video, I explain what Fairy Gardening is, what Containers, Plants and Accessories you can use to get into this Fantastic Hobby.