How do you Attach a Fairy Door to a Tree?
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Time needed: 30 minutes

Attach a Fairy door to a tree in 7 easy steps. Having Fairies outside in your garden can be fun and can encourage imagination and creative play in a natural environment. Here is my guide on installing one of these magical doorways on a tree.

  1. Pick a location

    Find a suitable tree to attach your door to, you may want to attach it to the base of a tree or higher up the trunk. Obviously, a bigger tree can accommodate larger doors or a number of doors if you wish. Some people like to use a tree stump that otherwise would be an eyesore and can be turned into a fantastic fairy abode.
    Pick a tree for your fairy door.

  2. Choose your fairy door

    So many people ask us how can I attach my Fairy Door to the base of a tree trunk, so I thought it was high time I answered it in a blog! Firstly choose a suitable door that you want to fasten to the tree, remember fairy doors can be made from a myriad of different materials. Wood, resin, metal to name but a few and remember different fairy doors will fare better outdoors. Wooden (depending on your climate!) will need maintenance, treat with a good quality yacht varnish before installing. Resin and metal doors need little maintenance for outdoor use and for this reason they are our preferred choice. Some of the doors available open and others only open for the fairies, you can even find solar fairy doors that light up after dark!
    purple fairy door for garden

  3. Attach your Fairy Door

    We use a fantastic product called Tech 7, it is a waterproof outdoor adhesive that you apply with a silicon gun (available from hardware stores). Choose transparent Tech 7 so you won’t be able to see it if it squeezes out the sides. Apply a good dollop to the back of the door and apply to the tree. Bearing in mind this product takes a few hours to cure so it may be necessary to fix the door in place with tape while it sticks to the tree trunk
    purple fairy door for garden

  4. Decorate around the door

    It is always a good idea to blend your door into its surroundings to make it look more natural. I collect moss and tuck it in around the sides of the door, you can use the Tech 7 to hold it in place. It is also fun to create a scene around the door, think stepping stones, coloured gravel, and fairy figures and accessories. Have fun creating a fairy tale scene to invite the fairies to move inmaking pathway around tree for fairy door

  5. Attach doors further up the tree trunk

    There is a couple of different options if you would like to fix your fairy door higher up a tree. Some doors come with a bracket or hook on the back, you can use a short screw or nail to attach these. I would also use Tech 7 to make sure they are really securely fastened. You can find fairy landing pads that are designed to go up high in a tree they often have opening doors and look great high up.a fairy landing pad attached to the tree

  6. Add a Platform

    You may like to attach a platform to sit your fairy door on, this gives you the scope to add accessories and place them outside the door which is a super cute idea. Alternatively use marine ply and cut it into a crescent moon shape. The wood can be painted and varnished for longevity. Or They can then be attached to the tree with brackets or Tech 7.
    fairy door platform for a tree

  7. Add other features

    You can add other features to your tree trunk scene, there are some fab fairy windows for instance or why not add a stack pipe made from wooden dowel stuck on at a jaunty angle. You can even find a tree with a hollow in the bark and paint a section to look like a fairy door. Add hinges and a doorknob for a more realistic effect. You can even add balconies or rope ladders to your scene.
    wooden fairy doors and windows fixed to trees

Here is the video I made explaining how to attach your fairy doors to a tree

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  1. mary polard

    How do you fix solar fairy houses that have no more light… How can I replace the solar panel or what would you suggest… it must light , it must it must it must!!

    • Rachel

      Hi Mary
      It will really depend on the type of soar house it is. Does the panel have small screws on it? If so you may be able to change the batteries. You can email me a pic if you like so I can get a better look. Rachel

  2. Aoife

    Just to say thank you Rachel. You do fabulous products and the video tutorials have been really helpful in setting up our garden and adding a few little extra touches!

  3. Pam

    Wonderful, helpful video how to attach a fairy garden door. Thank you!