How to introduce a Fairy Door
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Time needed: 20 minutes

How you can introduce and welcome a fairy to your home or garden in 5 easy steps?
Some parents like to introduce a door overnight for your children to ‘find’ in the morning, this can be fun or you may like to involve your child in choosing where to locate the fairy door.

  1. Pick a location for your fairy door

    Do you want an indoor or outdoor fairy door? Remember fairies are equally happy with their magical portal in a child’s bedroom or out in the garden.

    introduce your fairy door

  2. Choose a suitable fairy door for that location

    Fairy doors can go indoors or outdoors, usually, the outdoor variety are made from resin or metal. Wooden doors if located outdoors (especially in the Irish climate), will require some maintenance so bear this in mind when deciding on a type and location of the door. Solar fairy doors and opening doors are also available which can be lots of fun.
    types of fairy doors

  3. Attach fairy door to a tree or skirting board

    Now attach your door in your desired location, inside doors can often be attached with blu-tack, foam sticky pads, or contact glue. Outdoor doors can be glued to a tree using tech-7, or screwed onto a tree/wall using wood or masonry screws.
    We also love to install platforms on trees for our doors, this allows space for cute accessories too. We make our Platforms from recycled plastic but you can just as easily make them from treated timber.
    fairy door tree platform

  4. Attract your fairies to move in

    You can do this in a number of ways.
    ❤ You can sprinkle fairy dust around the door
    ❤ Leave a note for the fairy to find
    ❤ Place flower petals around the door
    ❤ Place a tiny key for the fairy to find
    attract your fairy with dust and a note

  5. Check on the door the next day

    In the morning you may notice small footsteps in the fairy dust or that it may have been disturbed. If using a key that may have disappeared and likewise with the flower petals. Your new fairy may have even left a note to introduce themselves.
    communicate with a fairy

  6. Interact with your fairy

    Once your fairy has moved in, remember they love to hear from you so remember to leave notes or gifts out for your fairy. They love drawings, letters and little accessories you may buy or make them. Remember you are worried about anything you may like to tell the fairies, these magical creatures are adept at dealing with worries from the human realm. The fairies are really magical and can really help with easing concerns and worries.

  7. Accessorize your door gradually over time

    As your fairy settles in you may like to introduce some accessories, think furniture, pets and signposts. Your fairy will love to receive new accessories and may even place some of their own outside the door. We have a whole range of accessories on our site.
    we also have some mini makes videos if you would like to make your own fairy door and garden accessories!

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  1. Maria Ahern

    I received my purchases in prompt time packaged very carefully and a little gift to boot.
    what a lovely surprise!

    Many thanks to
    Away with the Fairies

  2. michael Comerford

    what is the correct paint to use for outdoor fairy stuff. Thanks

    • Rachel

      Michael, we use acric paint and then varnish over