How to make a Fairy Garden Part 2. Fairy Signs
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Time needed: 20 minutes

  1. Collect some sticks.

  2. Paint some clothes pegs.

  3. Write the destinations on your pegs.

  4. Attach clothes pegs to the sticks and place in your fairy garden.

In this series of blogs, I will show you how to make some DIY Fairy Garden accessories. Some that you can do easily at home with materials you may already have around the house. These mini-makes are ideal to do with kids who might be bored at home!

Materials you will need

  • small sticks from the garden
  • lollipop sticks
  • wooden pegs
  • sharpies/permanent markers
  • Clear contact glue
  • scissors/ garden snips
  • Acryclic paint (optional)
Fairy garden signs
Fairy garden signs

Fairy garden sign style A . Step 1

Collect some sticks from the garden and gather the rest of the materials you need. Cut your stick to about 15cm long and pick out 3 wooden pegs. I painted my pegs with blue, red, and pink acrylic paint, but this is optional.

DIY fairy garden signs
Cut your stick and paint pegs.

Step 2

Decide where you would like to direct your fairies to, you will need three different destinations. I choose Unicorn stables, Troll bridge, and wishing well. Now take your pen and write the destinations on your pegs, you can ask an adult to help with this if you like. Then simply attach the pegs to the stick and your fairy sign is done!

DIY fairy garden sign
Write on your pegs.

Fairy garden sign style B, step 1.

Take another stick and cut it down to approx 15cm long. Pick out three lollipop sticks, I had ready coloured ones but you can use natural wooden ones or paint them with acrylic paint. Then trim the ends with scissors, maybe get an adult to help with this.

Step 2

Place a blob of contact glue on the back of each lolly stick, approximately in the middle. Then glue to your stick and press down firmly, leaving to dry for about half an hour before you try picking it up. When dry pop into your fairy garden.

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