How to make a Fairy Garden Part 1. Stepping Stones
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In this series of blogs, I will show you how to make some DIY Fairy Garden accessories. Some that you can do easily at home with materials you may already have around the house. These mini-makes are ideal to do with kids who might be bored at home!

Materials you will need

  • Pebbles or flat stones
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paint brush
  • Sharpie or other permanent marker
  • Air drying clay
  • sequins
  • Leaves, feathers, twigs
How to make a fairy garden
DIY stepping stones.

Fairy Stepping Stones style A

Step 1

Collect some stones or pebbles from the garden, ideally, if you find ones with a flat surface they will be easier to work with. Give them a wash and then dry them off with a paper towel. Once dry you can paint the rocks with acrylic paint, which is fantastic because it is water-based but once dry is totally waterproof for outdoor use. Pick out a few of your favorite colours to paint your pebbles with.

Step 2

Next, take your sharpie or other permanent ink pens ( if you don’t use permanent markers they may wash away outdoors!) Write words or do little drawings on your stepping stones, see below for some ideas. Think of things a fairy would like to see in her garden.

Fairy Stepping Stones style B

Step 1

Take a small piece of air-drying clay and roll it into a ball between your hands, then press down onto the table and smooth into a pebble shape.

Make a stepping stone from air drying clay.
Create a pebble from air-drying clay.

Step 2

Pick out some pretty sequins or small beads and press them into the surface of the clay. Make as many as you wish and be sure to press the sparkly additions in really well. Leave to dry.

Press sequins into stepping stone
Press sequins into clay.

Step 3

Make a few more pebbles from the clay as above, then pick out some natural materials, i.e feathers, leaves and twigs. Press the natural items into the clay then peel them off. Leave to dry. Drying times will differ depending on the brand of clay you use. When dry these stepping stones can be painted if you wish.

Press leaves into clay
Press leaves into clay.

Step 4

Once dry you can pop your stepping stones into your garden and you have made your first batch of fairy garden accessories. Enjoy!

Fairy Garden Accessories

In this video, I show you how to make these stepping stones in more detail in a step by step tutorial. Subsrcibe to our channel for more tutorials or maybe you would like Fairy House for your fairies to live in.

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