Blossom Snowdancer Light up Fairy House


  • LIGHT-UP HOUSE: Soft glowing LED light with cut-outs that shine a pattern onto your walls and roof.
  • IDEAL CHILDRENS NIGHT LIGHT: The Blossom Snowdancer fairy house glows at night when the fairies are at home
  • ONE OF NINE  in the Fairy House collection. Features: Whimsical, hand drawn style art Soft glowing light with cut-outs. Packaged in a custom gift box
  • BATTERY OPERATED: Utilizes 3 x AA batteries to power the LEDs within to illuminate the room. (BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED)
  • GIFT PACKAGED: The Fairy House is beautifully packaged within its own ready-to-gift packaging
  • DIMENSIONS 22cm x 11cm

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This beautiful fairy night light is the home to Blossom Snowdancer, she protects and comforts small animals, can only be seen when the first flowers begin to blossom, wears brightly coloured stripy clothes and has cheery turquoise wings like a butterfly. The cut outs on this night light cast beautiful shadows on a bedroom wall and and emit  a lovely soft glow after dark, helping your little people to sleep soundly.


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