Dinosaur Night Light, Customisable and Colour Changing


  • COLOUR CHANGING LIGHTS Colours slowly change through all the Colours of the Rainbow
  • LIGHT-UP HOUSE: Soft glowing LED light with cut-outs that shine patterns onto your walls and roof.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE with a Sheet of Golden Alphabet Stickers
  • IDEAL CHILDRENS NIGHT LIGHT: Dinosaur House glows at night
  • ONE OF TWELVE¬† in the Night Light collection. Features: Whimsical, hand drawn style art Soft glowing light with cut-outs. Packaged in a custom gift box
  • BATTERY OPERATED: Utilizes 3¬† x AA batteries to power the LEDs within to illuminate the room. (BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED)
  • GIFT PACKAGED: Flying High Light is beautifully packaged within its own ready-to-gift packaging
  • DIMENSIONS 22cm x 11cm
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