What are Fairy Houses?
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Fairy Houses are small whimsical dwellings for fairies to live in, they range from simple handmade houses from natural materials to more elaborate fairy mansions made from resin or metal. They can be used as part of a fairy garden or as a fun accessory for the home. Fairy houses sometimes include lighting, usually solar to attract fairies to move in after dark!

  • 1. Solar fairy houses
  • 2. DIY Solar fairy houses
  • 3. DIY fairy houses from natural materials
  • 4. DIY Tree stump houses
  • 5. Light up battery operated fairy houses
  • 6. Metal fairy houses
  • 7. Miniature fairy houses
  • 8. Fairy Houses with Opening Doors
what iis a fairy house
Solar tree trunk house

1. Solar Powered fairy houses

For the eco-conscious fairy gardener, these Solar fairy houses have built-in panels that charge up the batteries during the day (direct sunlight is not required). When twilight falls, a sensor tells the lights to come on, and, hey presto, the house lights up! The houses themselves are mainly made from resin, are frost proof and can handle extremes of weather.  They are also fairly weighty so they will not be blown about. I have several scattered around my fairy garden and they look really magical at night time.
In this video, I show you some solar fairy houses how they work and what they look like lit up at night.

Solar powered fairy houses can look beautiful at night

But I want to make one myself, and inexpensively!

2. Cheap DIY Solar fairy homes

These houses can be made relatively quickly and won’t break the bank. You will need some cheap solar lights, a glass jar, some polymer clay and some acrylic paint. Basically, you put the solar light into the glass jar and decorate the outside with polymer clay. Then you can paint the outside and the lid of the solar light and decorate it with white discs of the polymer clay to make it look like a toadstool. If you plan on having your DIY fairy house outside then you will have to spray it with some lacquer.

diy solar fairy house you can make yourself
A DIY Solar fairy house you can make yourself or with the kids

3. DIY fairy house from natural materials

These types of fairy houses are a great project to do with kids and a wonderful outdoor activity to get them into the fresh air. I suggest you look around your garden or locality, perhaps visit a wooded area nearby and collect sticks, moss and bark. Here is a few photos for inspiration!

4. DIY Tree stump fairy accommodation

Ok, there is a fair amount of work and skill involved in these homes but they look gorgeous. You can make them from an existing dead and unsightly tree stump or from a log, depending on what you have. If the top of the stump is uneven, you may want to get a professional to use a chainsaw to level it off, then use treated plywood for the roof and attach it with screws.

making a tree trunk fairy house with a chainsaw
Transforming a tree trunk into a fairy home. Careful!

The main ingredient is imagination…

My husband made one with real roof tiles and guttering for effect. Try to use the contours of the tree stump to plan where to cut the spaces for the fairy door and windows. The doors and windows will need to be varnished thoroughly. You can use second-hand materials such as pallets for the project as these are already treated for the weather. Window ledges with real flower pots, weather vanes, and solar fairy lights/lanterns bring it to life. This is such a great idea because you can turn something that you’d otherwise throw on the rubbish heap into a magical fairy realm for the kids.

tree trunk fairy house in the garden

5. Light up fairy homes

There is a myriad of fairy abodes available that light up and most are made from weatherproof resin which makes them very sturdy. Unlike the solar fairy houses, these light-up fairy homes illuminate but require you to either use a battery tealight or they have a battery light included.

watering can light up fairy housing
Light up fairy house

6. Metal fairy houses

Built to last! Some metal houses are more like sculptures than anything else because they are not constrained to being made in one piece in a mould. These would be the most elaborate and detailed fairy dwellings and tend to be a bit more expensive than their resin counterparts, mainly because of the work involved in making them.

metal teapot fairy accommodation with an opening door
A metal teapot fairy house

7. Miniature fairy abodes

These dinky houses are super cute and can be used to make fairy gardens in just about anything including teacups, shoes, old drawers, and jam jars. I have made entire little villages using these houses as they are cheap to buy. They are made from resin and therefore can be used outside, this means you can get really inventive when you choose a container.
In these videos, I make a fairy garden using miniature houses

8. Fairy Housing with opening Doors

We love these houses with opening doors they are great for kids to play with and also offer the opportunity to place a battery light inside. Kids will love opening the doors of these adorable houses to check if the little people are inside! They may have fairy-sized furniture and figures that they can pop inside too.

pink boot fairy home

In Conclusion ❤

Fairy houses come in all shapes and sizes and can be created from a myriad of materials. Whether you create one yourself or buy something more elaborate, whichever you choose be assured the fairies in your locality would be delighted to move in.

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