What is a Fairy Door?
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A Fairy Door is a magical portal between our world and the fairy realm usually found at the base of a tree trunk or on a skirting board. Fairy doors can be used to help children with imaginative play and creative thinking. As a result, they can also help children deal with worries and bad dreams.

what is a fairy door

Fairies have been traveling to and fro from the fairy realm to ours for centuries. Sometimes using fairy rings and fairy forts of which there are many in rural Ireland. In more recent times, however, parents have been putting fairy doors in their homes and gardens. As a way of encouraging the fairies to move in and interact with their children.

fairy tale w.b. yeats stolen child

Irish Fairy Doors

Fairies have long been part of the culture in Ireland for centuries and were not always the benign creatures we enjoy interacting with today. Sometimes they would take a child away to the fairy realm, as chronicled by famous Irish Poet W.B. Yeats in his poem The Stolen Child.

Fairies are believed to be the Tuatha de Danann, one of the first tribes to arrive in Ireland. The Tuatha de Dannan were a magical and secretive race and so they are an important part of Irish mythology and culture.

Nowadays Irish fairies are seen as much more benevolent and like to travel via magical fairy doors and interact with children all over Ireland.

Ann Abor installation

The Fairy Doors of Ann Abor

The first Fairy doors appeared in Michigan USA way back in 1993. Overnight these magical fairy doorways appeared all over the city to the delight of locals and tourists alike. The kids of Ann Arbor would leave gifts for their fairies including handmade drawings, notes, sweets, and other precious items, and wait for a response. Sometimes the fairies would answer the notes or leave gifts in return to the delight of the children. The doors then spread to the surrounding villages and towns.

Types of fairy Doors

There are many different kinds of fairy doors in the world today, from cute handmade ones, opening wooden doors for the home through to metal, resin and even solar! So here is a rundown of the multitude of varieties available today.

handmade wooden fairy gate

Handmade Wooden Fairy Door

Often made with the help of children, these doors can be charming and great fun to construct. Usually made from materials that can be found in the forest these doors fit perfectly into a woodland setting and have a wonderful natural look to them.

opening fairy door for a tree

Opening Fairy Doors

These popular Opening fairy doors are for the less secretive fairies that don’t mind having children visit their homes! Although you would be very lucky indeed to find one because fairies have super-sensitive hearing. A fairy will often take flight when they hear children approaching

Created from resin these doors are very durable and are ideal for placing in the garden.

metal magical portal

Metal Fairy Doors

Built to last! These Magical metal portals can be highly intricate as well as having the ability to open. Built with durability in mind these doors can be used inside or in the garden. The fairy door pictured even has a window so that the child to post notes to the fairy.

miniature garden entrance way

Fairy Doors for the Garden

Now, these Garden fairy doors are for the most secretive of fairies. The door will only open for the fairies because they love their privacy. However, these fairies still love to receive gifts and notes and are always happy to take away the children’s worries.

Often these doors will be found at the base of a tree or part of a miniature garden complete with Fairy Garden Accessories.

solar irish fairy doors

Solar Fairy Doors

These Solar-Powered doors are something very special. They have a solar panel on the little roof and when darkness falls the door illuminates! These doors are ideal for outdoor use but work equally well in a child’s bedroom as a night light. Just ensure the door receives some daylight to charge up so that the fairies can turn the lights on!

What does a fairy door do?

Fairy doors are essentially a magical tool to boost your child’s sense of wonder and to encourage what child psychologists call “Imaginative play”. The great part about it is that the parents can get involved too. Children write notes to the fairies and can get creative leaving drawings and gifts. If a child is worried about anything this can give parents a great insight into what their child’s worries might be. Be assured a fairy door is sure to bring hours of fun to any household!

how to attract a fairy to your home

How to get a fairy to move in .

Once you have decided on a spot for your fairy door, you may wonder how do I attract a fairy to move in? Rest assured there is a number of ways to encourage the fairies to pick your fairy door. Some doors arrive with a magical key that can be left out for the fairies overnight, if it has disappeared in the morning you know the fairy has used it to open the door. You can also sprinkle fairy dust or flower petals at the entrance to the door and if they have been disturbed you know a fairy has entered the magical portal.

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