Fairy Garden Doors

Delightful Fairy Doors for sale to use in your fairy garden. Perfect for the base of a tree or skirting board and Suitable for indoor or outdoor use. With a myriad of styles and colours and gorgeous handpainted details, these doors are sure to attract the fairies to move in. 

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What is a Fairy Door?

What is a Fairy Door?

A Fairy Door is a magical portal between our world and the fairy realm usually found at the base of a tree trunk or on a skirting board. Fairy doors can be used to help children...

How to introduce a Fairy Door

How to introduce a Fairy Door

Time needed: 20 minutes. How you can introduce and welcome a fairy to your home or garden in 5 easy steps?Some parents like to introduce a door overnight for your children to...

Fairy Spotting in Ireland

In this video, you can see the fairy doors hidden in our mystery location. Can you work out where it is?

Spring Fairy Door Kit

In this video, you can check out the Spring themed Fairy door Kit  with cute Animals and Accessories

How to Attach a Fairy Door to a Tree

In this video, I show you Fairy Doors that are Perfect for the outside and how to go about attaching them to a tree.