Fairy Houses

Fairy Houses for Sale to add some WOW! to your fairy creations. We have the best selection of Fairy Houses and Ornaments in Ireland including Solar Fairy Homes, Fairy Garden Accessories, and Fairy Figurines. Affordable Housing for Fairies!!

solar fairy house for the garden
battery operated light up fairy houses for the garden
cute fairy tale houses for making your very own fairy garden

Solar Fairy Village Kit

In this video, I make a Complete fairy garden using the Solar Fairy Village Kit. This step-by-step guide shows you how to create your own beautiful miniature fairy wonderland.

What are Fairy Houses?

What are Fairy Houses?

Fairy Houses are small whimsical dwellings for fairies to live in, they range from simple handmade houses from natural materials to more elaborate fairy mansions made from resin or metal. They can be used as part of a fairy garden or as a fun accessory for the home....

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What is a Fairy Garden?

What is a Fairy Garden?

A Solar House and a collection of accessories put together into a kit A Fairy Garden is a miniature garden created in a container or a dedicated area in your garden, designed to be a welcoming space for the fairy folk. You may have heard about the Fairy...

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Affordable Fairy Housing!

There is a myriad of different fairy houses available with solar, light up and opening door styles available. Created in resin or metal they are great for outdoor use and can create a wonderful focal point for any fairy garden. Use a group of fairy houses to create a magical fairy village for the fairy folk to enjoy.

Watch our how-to video which will give a great starting point for your first fairy garden.


What’s Fairy Gardening about then?

In this video, I explain what Fairy Gardening is, what Containers, Plants, and Accessories you can use to get into this Fantastic Hobby.